This year Jamstack Conf is a virtual event celebrating the next generation of web apps, where the Jamstack community and ecosystem comes together to learn, connect and create.  We’ll cover the future of Jamstack for many use cases, including new innovations, demos and case studies.
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John Duncan

Tampa, Fl
At 64Labs, we build front ends for a range of big and small ecommerce companies. We have been a specialist front-end agency most of our existence working in JS and React. We first used Gatsby for a client youfit.com in 2018. The world of tech moves a lot faster than many of our clients can cope with and that sets challenges for us as we seek to help them create and (perhaps more importantly) maintain performant sites. If you are one of those companies and are self aware enough to know this is you, talk to me about that. If you are a developer or project manager who likes that kind of challenge or has opinions about that kind of thing, talk to me about that.