This year Jamstack Conf is a virtual event celebrating the next generation of web apps, where the Jamstack community and ecosystem comes together to learn, connect and create.  We’ll cover the future of Jamstack for many use cases, including new innovations, demos and case studies.
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Patrick Coyne

Sales Director
United States
Uniform makes the fastest personalized websites possible!

Uniform pain killers
*We connect your Digital Experience Platform with modern tools and provide the fastest, most scalable way of running your site.
*Decrease your infrastructure costs by using a CDN to deliver your sites.
*Leverage the tools your developers love and build experiences using any front-end or static site generator.
*Improve performance 10x and reduce bounces & increase your top-line with faster load time.
*Deliver the fastest possible personalization by using edge-based personalization which is fast, cheap & scales automatically.